Heavy rain past; slow clearing begins

Severe threat fades as cold front approached Jacksonville area

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The cold front lost much of it's punch before reaching metro Jacksonville, but it dropped heavy rain during the Tuesday morning commute.  The forecast calls for slow clearing in the afternoon.

Jacksonville International Airport recorded 2.16 inches of rain in the past 24 hours, and some areas north of the Georgia border received even more: 2.9 inches in Waycross and 3.75 inches in Valdosta.

Monitoring stations south of Jacksonville saw very little rain before the front passed Tuesday morning, with the 24-hour accumulation in St. Augustine only 0.32 inch and 0.12 inch in Palatka.

There was some ponding on roads during the heavy rainfall Tuesday morning, and low-lying areas of Jacksonville prone to flooding -- such as McCoy's Creek -- did.

The city of Jacksonville said two retention ponds to help alleviate some of the flooding around McCoy's Creek were completed last summer, but acknowledge that problems continue.

"City engineers will continue to research and study the area, which is low-lying and naturally flood-prone, for future options and projects," said Debbie Delgado, city spokeswoman.

People who live in the area said this is the second time in three weeks the creek has overflowed its banks.

"It's a nuisance," resident Jonathan Graham said. "Think of the money it's costing the city to bring a truck everytime it rains to but barriers and stop people from driving through this."

All severe weather watches and warnings were dropped Monday night, although a flood watch remains in effect for the St. Marys, Satilla and Sante Fe rivers.

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