Chilly start to Wednesday

Starting in the 40s in inland locations

Not many more mornings in the 40s
Not many more mornings in the 40s

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – After the big rains, we find ourselves with a classic chill down.  Grab a jacket/sweater/pullover as you head-on out the door!  The chill is back.  Winds will also be a little gusty this morning which means even if the actual air temperature is around 52° the feel-like temperatures will be in the 40s!

Bottom line, those who love it chilly, celebrate this cool morning!  But wait!  If you live away from the beaches (west of I-95) you may get another crack of morning (wake-up temperatures) in the 40s on Thursday morning.  After this two day chill down, looking ahead, forecast cool us down, but nothing major so it appears we won't get another rush of truly chilly weather.

Bottom line, this could be our last chance of feeling the 40s before next Fall.  The first real shot of cold air typically reaches us around the Florida-Georgia game in late October, six months form now.

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