Hump day forecast: Nice!

Cool front has little impact on Jax

Cool front passes through Jacksonville
Cool front passes through Jacksonville

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – My worries over the weekend forecast being nasty, cold, wet, stormy usually begins when we have beautiful mid-week weather.  Think back to last week, Tuesday had highs in the 80s, when the bottom fell out, highs only in the 60s and rain fell more often than not.

Typically, Winter and early Spring weather patterns run in 3-4 day intervals so, that would suggest that bad weather follows good weather.  In other words, the nicer we are mid-week, the more likely the weekend is not!

Today, despite early morning clouds and a cool wind shift late in the day will be beautiful.  Another "9" on the Gaughan Gauge.  Temperature will be warm and sunshine will be abundant, especially this afternoon.  If you have the day off and plan on some outdoor R&R don't forget the sunscreen, as the sun will be severely strong!


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