Brisk Weather in Jacksonville?

Morning temperatures to start in the 50s

Not quite record cold but chilly none-the-less!
Not quite record cold but chilly none-the-less!

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Cold front ripped through the area on Thursday, tornadoes, heavy rains (out west) followed by rainbows in many locations.  It was a wild day.  The cold front now delivers what it precedes, cool to almost chilly temperatures. 

Normal low temperatures average around 65° this time of year, but not this morning, not Saturday morning, not even Sunday morning!  Cool weather lovers this will LIKELY be the last gasp of this very chilly winter and spring.  If you love it cool, get up early and enjoy the temperatures.

40s are possible (briefly) in the normally chilly locations of South Georgia and North Florida.  More details later this evening!

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