Super hot Sunday

Feel-like temperatures reach +105°

Hot, possible tropical storm and cool down.
Hot, possible tropical storm and cool down.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – This week's weather headlines start with today's heat!  Today could be the hottest, so far, this summer as afternoon temperatures top out between 95-98°.  Feel-like temperatures also could top out extremely hot, feeling close to 110°.  Ouch!   In general, a great beach day as long as you stay hydrated and sun screened up.  There will also be just a handful of storms/showers this afternoon, mainly south of Jacksonville, from Gainesville to Palatka to St. Augustine.

As we get into the work week, by mid-week, a tropical depression or storm may form, way out in the central Atlantic ocean.  This according to one global forecast model (GFS).  We shall see, as I glanced at the morning satellite images out that way, there is not much going on at the moment.

After the big heat of today, and Monday, looks like a cool front will stall near Jacksonville late this week.  Two possibilities, one, it pushes through on Saturday and we see near record cool morning temperatures.  The record low for August 2nd is a mere  69°.  Yep, that's a record low for us!  But we could possibly tie that!  The other possibility?  The front hangs up just north of Jacksonville, leaving us in a cloudy, cooler and very wet pattern heading into next weekend.  Therefore, if you love your weekend sunny with hot temperatures, today is your day!

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