Families try to beat the heat

Jacksonville reaches 95 degrees, heat advisory in effect

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The heat is on and it seems almost impossible to escape it.

Waycross, Georgia, hit 100 degrees while Jacksonville saw a blistering 95...103 if you add in the humidity.

Downtown, people were looking for any way to beat the heat.

Enjoying Sunday outside required a lot of water, a little ice cream and even some umbrellas.

If you came across one intersection you may have thought it was some sort of mirage.

Throughout the day, people sought items to keep them hydrated and happy.

"We were sweating like two pigs in the mud. It was pretty rough out here, but it's kind of mellowed out now," said Anna Velez.

A heat advisory was in effect for Sunday.

On Monday the heat continues and there is a possibility for another heat advisory.

The Weather Authority recommends dressing light and staying hydrated.