Tornado in Baker county confirmed in Monday's severe weather outbreak


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – One tornado has been confirmed in Baker county from Monday's severe weather that roared through our area ahead of a powerful arctic cold front.

The tornado was rated an EF-0 tornado; the lowest ranking on the enhanced-Fujita scale with winds topping out at around 75 mph.

The tornado was on the ground approximately 1.09 miles with a damage path between 75 and 125 yards wide. The tornado touched down near the intersection of state highway 229 and Boyce Rd. and traveled northeast and dissipated near Steed Rd. 

It was this strong circulation that prompted the tornado warning for Duval county. While the circulation remained strong as it moved into metro Jacksonville, the tornado did not reform. If it had, it would have traveled very close to the downtown area.

Below are the images from the National Weather Service of the couplet (the red and green tightly coupled together) moving from Union county to southern Baker county and into Duval and metro Jacksonville.

Circulation Forms over northern Union county

Circulation Strengthens

Tornado touches down in S. Baker county

Tornado lifts, circulation remains strong

Circulation weakening, but prominent

Circulation just southwest of Downtown, weakening