Smoke and chilly temperatures this morning


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – They are back! Controlled burns are very common in the winter and early spring months. Most of us will see the afternoon and evening plumes of smoke, some of which can be quite spectacular looking. The beautiful picture was from Lesleyes14, a Storm Pin picture from Wednesday afternoon.

As beautiful as thee plumes can make our sunsets, during the overnight hours, as the afternoon winds settle, so too does the smoke.   The smoke basically becomes super concentrated right near the area of the controlled burn.

Additionally, the patches of dense smoke can mix with early morning fog and really reduce visibilities, sometimes to less than a few hundred feet. So, this is just a reminder -- yes, when there is smoke there is fire, but when there is smoke it can be very thick and dangerous to drivers.

Thursday's controlled burns will be small in size. Wednesday, we could just barely make out the plumes of smoke on the visible satellite images. 

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