Quickly warming temperatures and afternoon storms

Afternoon temperatures will reach the mid 90s.



Today started out quiet with temperatures ranging for the mid to upper 70s to low 80s. Expect a similar weather pattern as yesterday. The clearing skies and calm winds contribute to the rapid morning warm up. 

We will see temperatures warming up very quickly during the morning hours climbing into those upper 80s and low 90s by the time the lunch hour rolls around. Winds will be out of the East between 5 and 10mph during the morning hours with an afternoon sea breeze building.

As the temperature difference grows between the ocean and the land, both east and west coast sea breezes will begin to push inland and will be a trigger for afternoon and evening showers and thunderstorms. Expect 60% chances for showers and thunderstorms today. Any storms that do develop may be strong, with straight line wind gusts, heavy rain, and dangerous lightning being the primary concern with today's storm potential.  Southeastern Georgia is more prone to showers and thunderstorms today than previous days. 

Afternoon highs will range from the mid to upper 90s. Jacksonville should top out around 94°. Along I-75, we may see afternoon highs reach 100°.  Your "feels like" or Heat Index temperature will be closer to 105°. The Heat Index temperature includes the expected humidity for the day. Both temperature and Heat Index temperature are measured in the shade, so when standing in the sun, temperatures may feel much warmer. 

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