Seasonable, yet chilly weather coming

Much cooler weather is on the way


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – From the News4Jax Weather Center, this is a Snuggle Alert! Seasonable, yet chilly, weather is scheduled to arrive starting tonight.

Johnny Nash sang in 1972, "I can see clearly now, the rain is gone!" The flooding rains of the last couple of days is currently exiting stage right as of this entry. Today begins the transition from umbrella to sunglasses. 

Excuse me while I cut a cartwheel across the newsroom.

The first of a series of cold fronts will move through Tuesday allowing for a slow but gradual clearing of our skies during the day Tuesday with brilliant sunshine in your forecast the remainder of the week into the weekend. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah...what about those cooler temperatures I speak of?

Well get ready because seriously cooler weather is on the way, especially by the weekend. How about low to mid 40s?! We're pretty late this year in seeing our first 40s but hey, I'll take it. As you can see, normally we see our first 40-something degree reading by October 25th.

Let's explore some of the models:

First, you'll notice cooler mornings in the near term (Wednesday, Thursday) but the big push and first taste of real Fall comes in on Friday. 

High temperatures being noted by this model (RPM model) is showing a high of only 68 degrees on Friday in Jacksonville followed by a low that night/Saturday morning of 43 degrees!

Temperatures remain governed, even under mostly sunny skies, into only the low 60s for Saturday afternoon. It could feel-like it's in the 50s all day being that it's been so warm as of late. Even though these temperatures are seasonable and near our average, it'll be a shock to the body for sure. 

By Sunday morning, the models still show us diving into the mid 40s area wide, except at the coast, before finally lifting out. 

The only caveat to this forecast is the possibility of low clouds hanging around Friday night and Saturday. If that's the case, we won't see temperatures deep as low because clouds act as a blanket to keep the boundary layer (first few hundred feet above the ground) warmer than it would be otherwise.

Either way, big changes are ahead so dig up those sweaters, wash the mothball smell off and get ready for November weather in .... November! Shocking, I know.