Alex kicks off 2016 hurricane season


In... 3-2-1 Boom!  Alex becomes the first storm of the 2016 hurricane season!

We, here at News4Jax, on air and on Facebook, showed you last week an area of low pressure developing just east of Jacksonville had some very interesting tropical characteristics, sure enough, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) had its eye on the system and upgraded the area of low pressure to Alex Wednesday afternoon.

It strengthened to a hurricane Thursday morning.

Alex is a sub-tropical storm, developing over semi warm waters well south of the Azores Islands in the far Eastern Atlantic ocean.  Tracking northward he will quickly be overcome by cold dry air, and transition back into a normal winter low pressure.  Alex's brief appearance will make him only being known for developing so early!

Before Alex, going back to 1851 (165 years) there were only 3 other sub-tropical or tropical storms to ever develop in January.  The last time this happened was during the extremely cold winter of 1978.  

Weather is so amazing...

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