Damp & chilly start, followed by mid day clearing skies

Gusty winds accompany clearing skies today

Expect clearing skies, gusty winds, and chilly temperatures
Expect clearing skies, gusty winds, and chilly temperatures


Brrrrrr! Sunday began damp and chilly, with leftover showers from last night pushing offshore by the late morning hours and temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s.

Expect clearing skies during the mid day, with very gusty winds, strongest in our coastal areas.

Temperatures will only warm into the mid 50s this afternoon, as colder drier air clears us out and cools us down.

For your big game celebrations expect clear skies, gusty winds, and rapidly dropping temperatures after sunset.

As we move into the workweek, expect cooler than normal temperatures beginning in the 30s and topping out in the 50s.


Hope you are out of the chilly, misty showers and enjoying the great indoors this evening!

Light showers are pushing through most of our counties right now and will for a few more hours. Late tonight the winds will pick up- to near gale force along the coast, and coastal showers will again wander onshore.

Tonight's temperatures will dip into the chilly upper 30s, and rain chances remain decent until the early morning hours on Sunday.

There is an ever-so-slight chance of non-accumulating snow flurries for inland Georgia late tonight and into Sunday morning. Clearly, we want to see you pictures on StormPins if you see any flurries and we will share them with everyone on air.

Sunday will be a breezy day of change, with clearing skies during the mid day and winds close to 20mph. Temperatures will only top out in the mid to upper 50s despite the sunny afternoon.


Saturday began in the mid to low 40s under mostly cloudy skies. The sun may peak through the clouds at times during the morning, but mostly cloudy skies will be persistent during the day today. Temperatures will struggle to warm today for two reasons- the cloudy skies act like a shield and keep us cooler, and gusty winds out of the North and Northeast are bringing cooler air into our area. We will top out this afternoon in the mid 50s. 

Small, light coastal showers wander onshore today, initially fading as the push past the coast. As our temperatures warm this afternoon, the coastal showers will not fade as quickly and may push inland. Expect building chances for a passing shower, by sunset you have a 40% chance to see a shower and overnight you have a 60% chance to experience a shower- but most of us will sleep right through it. 

There is a TINY chance for a snow flurry or two to be mixed in with the showers early Sunday morning- in Southeastern Georgia, to the West of I-95. TINY.T-I-N-Y...

Skies will rapidly clear out Sunday morning as colder, drier air rushes into the Southeast. Expect sunny skies and chilly temperatures Sunday- topping out again only in the mid 50s. 

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