Wet week ahead as Fourth of July looms

Not nearly as hot this week, but definitely wetter


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – It's another manic Monday and there's plenty you need to know about the upcoming work week. Get ready for a bumpier ride as this week turns decidedly wetter in the afternoons and a bit cooler as well.

For starters, grab your cup of Joe and turn on Channel 4 with Richard this morning. He's busy keeping everybody up to date on patchy fog across our northern zones from Waycross to Brunswick. While the fog is dense in certain areas, it's not widespread enough to warrant an advisory at this time.

As mentioned, we're in for some changes this week.

Last week was brutal although not quite as brutal as listening to Bruce Hamilton sing Minnie Riperton's ''Loving you'' during commercial breaks but I digress. We had a string of high temperatures in the upper 90s and was capped with a 99 degree temperature in Jacksonville on Saturday. Temps were driven into the upper 90s by high pressure that had settled in behind a late season, strong cold front that gave us a string of record low temperatures.

This week will mark a return of increased moisture and more seasonable norms. Skies will be partly cloudy Monday into Tuesday before the clouds and rain move in for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. 

Another cold front, albeit not nearly to the caliber of last week's front, will being to work its way into the area. This front however is very slow moving and will act as a focal point for the increased moisture over our area. That means we're going to see a marked increase in showers and storms by mid week.

With the increase in clouds and rain, look for lower temperatures during the afternoons mid week and higher overnight lows. 

Fourth of July:

The same pesky front that promises to bring rain into our area this week will still be hanging around heading into next Monday. Right now it's too early to determine if the fireworks displays will be affected but as we ring in America's 240th birthday, we may have some of nature's fireworks going on instead. 

Right now there is certainly a chance of rain heading into the afternoon and evening hours of the fourth but that forecast will likely continue to fluctuate as Monday draws closer. Models, at least right now, indicate rain chances of about 50 percent Monday afternoon.


Tropics remain quiet as of this entry. The long range models including the American, European and Canadian indicate no threats in the Atlantic over the next 10 to 16 days.