Trees uprooted in Bartram Park

One tree leaning toward building

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Clean-up will likely get under way Thursday in the Bartram Park neighborhood of Jacksonville after several trees were uprooted during Wednesday evening's storms.

IMAGES: Trees down in Bartram Park

Two trees were uprooted behind a building. The branches from one of those trees were leaning against the building, but they didn't appear to cause any damage.

Another tree was uprooted on the other side of the complex and fell away from where cars were parked.

Scattered thunderstorms developed Wednesday afternoon as a result of daytime heating and a front that is sagging across the area. A few of the thunderstorms prompted the National Weather Service to issue Significant Weather Advisories.

Wind gusts were estimated at their strongest  to be between 45 to 55 mph, which could cause minor wind damage. Close to two inches of rain fell is some locations in a rather short amount of time prompting minor and short lived flooding, particularly in flood prone areas. 

WATCH: Viewer video of strong winds in Bartram Park

Bartram Park is located off Interstate 95 and Old St. Augustine Road, not far from the St. Johns County border.