Jacksonville has already spent $1.6M cleaning up after Matthew

$550K spent on emergency debris clean up, including at city parks

JEA photo
JEA photo

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Hurricane Mathew will end up costing Jacksonville millions of dollars.

The city has already spent more than $1.6 million in emergency purchases to clean up after the storm.

The items were authorized because Mayor Lenny Curry declared a local state of emergency.

VIEW: List of emergency purchases after Hurricane Matthew

Most of the expenses come from debris removal, for example, the city has already spent $550,000 for emergency debris management, including cleaning up the parks. 

Another $290,000 was spent on hazard tree removal, and $98,000 was spent on a portion of yard waste removal.

The city also spent $25,000 for traffic light repairs and $25,000 on barricades.

The costs are expected to grow, and some money will also come from the federal government once assessments by the Federal Emergency Management Agency are completed and approved.

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