Tornado threat for all of Channel 4's viewing area

Jacksonville added to Tornado Watch

Tornado Watch in effect, we are under a PDS from the Storm Prediction Center. PDS is their highest level of tornado alert.

The final countdown to the squall line of severe possibly tornadic storms is now about 90 minutes away from Jacksonville.

As these storms pass understand you may NOT see much more than passing gusty wind and brief (10 min) downpour.

But, you should be prepared to seek shelter if a TORNADO WARNING is issues for your area.

Stay Alert.

Conditions will dramatically change over the next 2 hours!

Tornadic rotating storms are tracked across southern Georgia Sunday morning from Valdosta to Savannah. A tornado watch covers southeastern Georgia through 11 a.m.
State emergency management officials say 11 people are dead and 23 are injured after severe weather struck central Georgia. Many of the deaths were reported at a mobile home park in Adel. WALB-TV in Albany reported that people were trapped under rubble caused by the storm.
Stay alert this afternoon!
Rain rushed in to replace the record 84 degree heat Saturday. Storms dealt a blow to central Georgia and the Panhandle but much of the energy missed the First Coast but we anticipate another round of severe storms Sunday afternoon and early evening.
We will get  a short break in the severe weather this afternoon- but a longer line of even stronger storms is expected to sweep through our area during the late afternoon and evening hours.

Most of our area is under a Tornado Watch through 8:00pm this evening. A Watch means conditions are possible, If a Tornado Warning is issued, it means that the radar is indicating a potential tornado has developed, or a tornado has been spotted. The Tornado Watch is being classified as a Particularly Dangerous Situation because of the elements in our atmosphere that will contribute to the potential for wind gusts up to 85 mph, large hail, and strong tornadoes.

Between 4:00-6:00pm the line of severe storms will approach I-75. They will push quickly through our area and will be along I-95 between 5-8:00pm. The earlier part of the time ranges apply to the Northern part of our area, the later part of the time ranges apply to our Southern counties.

We have expanded our coverage today, with hourly cut ins at the top of each hour, a full hour-long 6:00pm newscast, and as the severe weather begins to move into our area, we will go live on air to let you know when the storms are approaching your neighborhood.

We will keep you updated, please share your safely taken storm photos with us on StormPins.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Powerful jet stream has been slamming into California this month, with much of the energy dumping out into the Sierra Nevada mountains with up to 30 feet of snow and massive amounts of rain is now about to turn its energy to the Southeast United States this weekend.

One-two punch; Saturday then Sunday

Flooding will be likely in areas that see more than 3 inches, most locations in Georgia has already seen 1-3 inches just on Saturday alone. 

LATEST: Weather Authority Live-5 Doppler radar

Jacksonville will see showers this evening. A few morning patches of fog will quickly give way to building clouds and very warm temperatures. Afternoon highs will reach near 80 degrees as southwesterly winds build, gusting up to 30 mph through the day.

Weather Authority Alert Day Sunday for tornadoes

The Storm Prediction Center is placing Jacksonville squarely within the moderate risk for tornadoes, large hail and intense severe thunderstorm winds for Sunday.

Know where a SAFE ROOM is, even if meeting up with friends.

Again, this threat is real, doesn't mean everyone will be impacted by this severe weather event, but this pattern is text book, which is why as early as last Tuesday evening we placed Sunday as a Weather Authority Alert Day. I will post more information on what/where a good safe room is later today.


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