Flagler county's January rainfall & climate report

The highs, lows, and noatble weather this month


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Flagler County Rainfall and Climate Report: January 2017 provided by Bob Pickering of Flagler County

January 2017 precipitation figures were generally below normal values across the county with the exception of Bunnell. The La Niña condition prevalent this year has weakened, however the knock on effect will continue through the atmosphere into the spring which typically is below normal rainfall and above normal temperatures.

Normal Precipitation for our region in January is 2.74” and normal year to date (YTD) rainfall is the same” However looking at unofficial records at the EOC, the average January rain for Bunnell since the year 1995 has been 2.12”.

Rainfall reports for January 2017:
Bunnell, Flagler EOC:      3.09”                     YTD: 3.09”
Palm Coast:                        2.07”                     YTD: 2.07”
W. Palm Coast:                  2.10”                     YTD: 2.10”
S Palm Coast:                     1.98”                    YTD:  1.98”
Eagle Rock:                         1.88”                    YTD:  1.88”
Marineland:                       1.54”                    YTD:  1.54”
Flagler Beach:                    1.41”                     YTD:  1.41”

The Climate Prediction Center (CPC) is indicating drought development is expected through March. This is mainly due to the lack of rainfall received so far this season and the forecast of below normal precipitation expected. Flagler County is now listed as drought condition D0 “Abnormally Dry”. The three month outlook predicts above normal temperatures and below precipitation through March which are consistent with La Niña.

The National Weather Service (NWS) reporting station in Daytona Beach maintains the official records for the region and is utilized in reference and reporting for the Flagler County area. 

The lowest temperature recorded at the EOC in Bunnell: 32 degrees - 1/8/2017
The highest temperature recorded at the EOC in Bunnell: 84 degrees - 1/22/2017

Other Notable Weather:
On 1/22/2017 a strong dynamic storm system moved through the region prompting the Storm Prediction Center to issue an unprecedented “High Risk” severe weather assessment for are area.  Tornado warned storms moved through the county but only 1 inch hail was reported along with intense cloud to cloud lightning. 

Flagler County recognizes the reporting efforts of the community volunteer storm spotters and whose contributions assist in the collection of area rainfall data.

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