Valentine's Day Forecast- mild & beautiful

Hope your sweetheart likes the 70s

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – As Valentine's Day approaches, the forecast looks increasingly sweeter with mild temperatures, partly cloudy skies, and a nice Southeasterly breeze expected. 

We will start out the sweetest day of the year in the cool upper 40s- perfect for breakfast in bed and snuggling. Skies will be mostly clear for the morning hours if you were considering watching the sunrise- it should be a good one, but bring your jacket. 

The later morning hours will consist of rapidly warming temperatures under mostly clear skies. Temperatures will warm from the upper 40s, through the 50s and 60s by the lunch hour. The lunch time would be ideal for a romantic picnic or lunch outside- you'll need sunglasses for the early lunch time period, but building clouds around 1:00 pm will make for a partly cloudy skies for the afternoon hours. The sky cover percentage jumps from 31% at noon to 66% at 1:00 pm- but does not build much past that for the afternoon and evening hours. 

The humidity will not be too bad, as our afternoon temperatures climb into the mid and low 70s, the dewpoints remain in the 50s, making for relative humidity values in the 50% range. Translation: pretty decent hair day ladies, especially compared to our normal humidity.

Valentine's Day afternoon will be warm and breezy, with afternoon temperatures topping out in the mid 70s and Southeasterly winds at 10 mph. 

For the big evening, expect cool temperatures as we sink through the 60s during your romantic dinner. For the late night, our temperatures sink into the snuggle zone- with low 60s and uppers 50s expected after midnight. 

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