Northeast Florida Scottish Highland Games & Festival Forecast

Warm & beautiful Saturday expected

An unusually warm Saturday turns cool for the evening.
An unusually warm Saturday turns cool for the evening.

JACKSONVILLE, FLa. – Every year on the last Saturday in February, the Northeastern Florida Scottish Highland Games & Festival bring a "Wee bit o' Scotland" to the First Coast. The forecast this year looks warmer than usual, but beautiful. The Scottish Games are held at the Clay County Fairgrounds on Saturday, February 25th, from 9:00a.m. through 10:00p.m. The Games grow every year and reflect the deep connections and effects the Scots and their descendants have had on Northeastern Florida.  According to The Games' website, the history of the Highland Games can be traced back for well over a thousand years. The biggest gatherings were those of the military where the commanding officers, like the Clan Chiefs of old, saw the advantages of encouraging sports and pastimes which kept their men fit, agile, and strong for war. Piping and dancing in particular were practiced as a form of relaxation wherever the regiments went. To this day some of the best pipe bands can be found in the armed forces.

This year's Northeast Florida Scottish Games and Festival's forecast is expected to be unusually warm by the afternoon hours. Expect partly cloudy skies for the morning hours, when the games and festival kick off at 9:00a.m.  the temperature will be 65°, the sky cover will be 50%, and winds will be light out of the West between 5-10 mph. 

After the Scottish History wraps up and the K-9 Frisbee Dogs start their performance at 11:00 a.m, the temperatures will have already warmed up to 74°, with winds out of the West between 5-10 mph. The chance for a passing showers is very low, only 14%. 

For the noon time opening ceremonies, the temperatures will be up to 77°, and the relative humidity will be at 56%, with Westerly winds at 10 mph. 

The 2:30p.m. dog parade will be very warm and increasingly sunnier skies with the sky cover decreasing to 33% and the temperatures warming up to 81°. 

The 4:00p.m. Highland Dance might be a tad sweaty, with temperatures topping out in the low 80s, mostly sunny skies, and light Westerly winds. 

As the musical evening kicks off at 6:00p.m. and continues through the evening hours the temperatures will sink from 73° at 6p.m. down to 59° by 10:00p.m.- meaning you may need a light jacket for the evening portion of the Scottish Games as we turn cool and more crisp late Saturday night. 

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