Forecast for Salt Life Fest

Temperatures will warm up just in time for the weekend

The forecast couldn't be better for Salt Life Fest
The forecast couldn't be better for Salt Life Fest

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The 2nd annual Salt Life Fest is Saturday, March18th at the Sea Walk Pavilion in Jacksonville Beach. This year's musical lineup includes Rachel Warfield, Porch 40, Dead 27s, Ramajay Intercoastal, Dangermuffin, Of Good Nature, and The Mantras. General admission to the festival is free, but you can purchase tickets for a VIP experience here  that includes armchairs, front of stage seating, private bathrooms, beverage servers, access to backstage food and beverages with the musicians, and more. 

The forecast will improve significantly just in time for Salt Life Fest. After a record breaking cold week, temperatures rebound and will top out in the mild mid 70s under sunny skies. There are no chances for rain on Saturday and the winds will be out of the Southwest around 10 mph.

At noon when the festival starts with the subtle but electric voice of Rachel Warfield carrying across the Sea Walk Pavilion, the temperatures will be on the cool side, breaking into the low 70s. Skies will be clear, with only 1% sky cover- bring your sunglasses! Winds at that hour will be at 8 mph out of the southwest. The dewpoint will be 50°, making for a 51% relative humidity (which is relatively low, good-hair-day weather, for Florida anyway.)

By 2:40 when the Dead 27s start their set of Southern blended rock and soul music the temperatures will have climbed into the mild zone, 75°. The skies are still clear and sunny, with only 3% sky cover. Winds will be out of Southwest at 9 mph. Wear your sunscreen and SPF gear- it would be easy to get sunburned with such beautiful, mild weather. 

When Dangermuffin takes the stage at 5:40 and jams out to songs from their latest album, Songs for the Universe, the temperatures will make the turn, and start dropping slowly instead of warming up. We will be down to 73 degrees at that point with Southwest winds peaking at 10 mph. 

The sun will set during Of Good Nature's unique set of Indie-Rock-Reggae music at 7:36p.m. and the temperatures will be cooling down into the mid 60s by 8:00p.m, making for light jacket weather. 

While the five piece jam machine The Mantras wrap up an epic Salt Life Fest from 8:30-10:00p.m, the temperatures will be on the cool side, sinking into the low 60s with Westerly winds between 8 and 10 mph. The skies will be beautiful and clear and the humidity will be low. Enjoy!

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