Red Cross and lessons learned from Hurricane Matthew

Over 1,800 families served, former CEO says

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Agencies across the region learned valuable lessons after Hurricane Matthews, including northeast Florida Red Cross, who served 1800 families' homes that were impacted by the story. 

Skip Cramer, the former CEO of northeast Florida Red Cross said that most of homes in Florida that were made unlivable by Matthew were in our area and that some important lessons were learned.

"We have a lot of new people who have moved into this area and this is their first hurricane season," Cramer said. "They should know what zone they are in. Evacuation routes are very clear."

As with other agencies, the Red Cross urges residents to prepare for a storm in advance of the time when danger is near. Cramer recommends spending time analyzing your property to understand what you will have to do when a storm approaches.

"What are the things that can turn into missiles? That’s your barbeque grill, lawn furniture. The things that have to be stored in your garage," Cramer said.

The other lesson that many residents learned, the hard way, was that home owners insurance won't cover all of your losses incurred if a hurricane hits.

"Be insured, but understand it won’t cover flooding that occurs in your home," Cramer said. "And understand the deductibles that are associated with hurricane coverage."