Damage reported from afternoon thunderstorms

Roof, rafters of cargo building at airport damaged


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Storms moving through the Jacksonville area Thursday afternoon led to reports of damage and possible injuries.

A severe thunderstorm in Duval County prompted a warning just after 3 p.m., and produced pea-size hail and gusts of winds that were to be a little over 42 mph at Jacksonville International Airport.

One strong gust of wind damaged the roof and rafters of a Jacksonville Aviation Administration cargo building off Cole Flyer Road, near the airport. 

The airport's website shows more than 20 flights were delayed, likely due to the weather.

Jacksonville firefighters were called to check out a possible lightning strike on Caney Oaks Drive East, in the Oceanway area. A teenager, who was holding a cellphone charger at the time, was complaining about arm pain, according to the Jacksonville Fire Rescue Department. 

There were also reports of a Pickwick Park electrical box being struck by lightning and causing a small grass fire.