Viewer's parody of holiday classic provides spin on Hurricane Irma

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – News4Jax viewer Robert W. Mann was creatively inspired by the approaching tropical weather and sent in this take-off of a classic holiday poem.

It made us smile and thought others needed a lighter moment in the midst of the severe weather.

'Twas night before Irma,
when all through the State,
the tourists were fleeing
before it was too late.

The lanterns were lit
on the tables with care,
all knowing that Irma
soon would be there.

Snowbirds snatched their bags
as they flew from their beds,
with visions of sugar-sand
still dancing in their heads.

Even Mickey was aware
as he looked at the map,
he boarded his windows
and closed in a snap.

When out in the Key's
there arose such a clatter,
the National Guard
barely cleaned up the splatter.

Away went our windows
in one massive clap,
when Irma charged in
like a train off its track.

And what to our terrified
eyes should appear,
but a surge of storm water
out over our pier.

With lightning and thunder,
winds shriek and shatter,
Irma is moving
our state is battered.

Down went the billboards
the boats and some bridges,
houses were wrecked
from the poor to the richest.

Then just as it seemed
all hope had vanished,
over land and without food
Irma was famished.

The sun returned
the surf became calm,
Florida bounced back
with Irma long gone.