Hurricane Irma whips Southeast: Examining rainfall totals

Former hurricane remains immense, 415-mile-wide storm

Storm-surge flood waters from Hurricane Irma inundate a street along the St. Johns River in the Five Points neighborhood on Monday in Jacksonville (Sean Rayford/Getty Images). (Getty Images)

(GMG) – Irma weakened to a still-deadly tropical storm as it swirled beyond Florida on Monday, killing at least three people in Georgia, flooding the coast, sending trees crashing onto homes and forcing the world's busiest airport in Atlanta to cancel hundreds of flights.

So, how much rain has fallen in Florida and surrounding states? Let's take a look.

Although this is certainly a lot of rain, examining some of the numbers from Hurricane Harvey, which hit Houston late last month, puts things into perspective just slightly. Keep in mind that the numbers below weren't even final at this point.