West Nassau residents living through yet another flood

NWS confirms 2 small tornados on Amelia Island as Irma passed

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Many Callahan resident are still dealing with significant flooding two days after Hurricane Irma dropped more than a dozen inches of rain on the area.

Some areas that normally don't flood have water in homes, and some who live with flooding regularly have water up to 5 feet deep in their homes.

Tyler Morris was in Tallahassee working for the National Guard, waiting to deploy to help others after Irma when he got a phone call from home. His family in Callahan needed help.

On Wednesday, Morris waded through water to get to his home. Inside, there was more water.

"In some places, I was walking up to my waist in water," Morris said. "We tried to store as many things as we could on the countertops, and even the dining room (table). But it got so high it floated the table."

The property behind his house is normally a large pasture where animals graze. His dream was trying to build his property into a farm for produce and animals.

"All of my chickens, all my goats, my emus, everything (is gone)," Morris said. "My geese. My bees were over there in that far corner -- all of the hives, underwater. Done. Every beehive."

Morris said he is thankful he has homeowners and flood insurance, but that doesn't make what he's up against any easier.

But he said things will get things rebuilt and start over so his family has everything they need.

"Three kids and one on the way. But we'll survive. Country boy will survive."

Thousands of Nassau County residents still in the dark

Power lines are still down in much of the county, with more than 8,000 homes and businesses still without electricity. Homeowners are being told it could be Sunday or Monday before their power is retored.

With a need for oxygen and no power in their home, a generator is essential to keep Bill Briggs' wife alive.

Briggs is left to making regular trips to the gas station to keep his generator running, and those trips were complicated by the floodwaters.

"This house was built in 1960 and it has never, ever, ever seen the rise of water that we had," Briggs said.

Water was up to Briggs' front door, and a little made it inside.

Briggs is hopeful restoring power and then rebuilding come soon.

"We're hurting out here, too. We've been heavily impacted by the storm," Briggs said.

Through their suffering, Briggs finds positives. He is also working at a hardware store that has a full supply of chainsaws to help his neighbors recover from this devastating storm.

2 twisters in Nassau as Irma passed

The National Weather Service on Wednesday confirmed that two small tornado touched down at 2:30 a.m. Monday and Irma was moving north over north central Florida.

One touched down on the north end of Amelia Island about 2:30 a.m. and tracked west through the marsh. Damage was limited to trees and shrubs. About the same time in southern Fernandina Beach, a weak tornado touched down and also damaged trees and shrubs before dissipating.

In both cases, NWS meteorologists saw a tornadic debris signature.