Nassau County reopens schools; Jacksonville, other districts resume Monday

Baker County to reopen Tuesday


CALLAHAN, Fla. – Nassau County students and school buses dodged water still standing four days after Hurricane Irma passed as they returned to class Friday.

Most northeast Florida and Southeast Georgia school districts plan to reopen Monday, although some are still waiting for power completing damage assessments before making a final decision.


Duval County administrators were doing walkthroughs of all schools Friday to make sure things are ready to reopen Monday. So far, there's only been minor damage reports like broken windows that can be repaired quickly. Grounds are being cleared of downed trees, branches and debris.

As of Thursday, power was restored to all schools, but some roads were impassable or had limited capacity. The transportation department was determining if alternative bus stops would be needed.

Teachers are still off and the district office remains closed Friday.

Officials said the the district was waiting for guidance from the state before deciding when make-up days would be scheduled for the six days schools were closed to to the storm and its aftermath. The teachers' union also must be consulted before finalizing the schedule.

People are concerned that a week of school could be tacked on to the end of the school year, which would throw off preparations for testing, but district officials said hurricane days are built into the school year, instructional hours can be added to make up for missed days, and Gov. Rick Scott could waive the the 180-school-day requirement.

Check the district's Hurricane Irma Announcement webpage for more info. 

St. Johns County

The district is on target to open St. Johns County schools on Monday. Faculty and staff were back Friday, which was a scheduled teacher planning day.

They are also waiting for guidance from the state and direction from the teachers' union before scheduling make-up days.

Clay County

The district recovery team has found significant damage to Clay County. With some in the community without power or dealing with flooded roads, all schools and administrative offices will remain closed through Friday.

Baker County

The district's schools are hopeful they can reopen next Tuesday. 

"There are still thousands of Baker County families without electricity and many of our roads are impassable.  The safety and welfare of our students, staff and entire community is our priority," Superintendent Sherrie Raulerson said.   

Putnam County

Scheduled to open Monday.

Flagler County

The district said many schools sustained some water damage, but custodial and maintenance teams are working to ensure affected areas are clean. Schools were expected to reopen Monday.

Bradford County

Schools are scheduled to open Monday.

Columbia County

Schools are scheduled to open Monday.

Union County

Classes will resume on Monday. Teachers will also report back Monday.

After consulting with Dixie County school and athletic officials, Friday's home Union County varsity football against Dixie County High School on Friday will still be played at 7:30 p.m. as scheduled. 

Alachua County

Schools expected to reopen Monday. Twelve-month employees were expected to return to work if they could do so safely.

Camden County

Camden County Schools said it recognizes the hardships faced by the county over the last several days. School officials said they also know there is a need to return normalcy to our community by reopening schools. In evaluating the capacity in the community to reopen, school officials consider safe roads and bridges, the availability of clean water, sewer, power, emergency services and public safety.

After collaborating with city and county officials and public utilities representatives, Camden County Schools said it determined the schools have met, or will very soon meet, all necessary conditions to safely reopen schools and resume classes on Monday, Sept. 18 as planned.

All schools, with the exception of St. Marys Elementary, have been restored to full power. All schools have water and sewer, and have been cleared of any dangerous debris. School officials said it is safe for students and teachers to return to school and they're eager to welcome them back to their buildings and classrooms.

Camden County Schools said it recognizes areas of the county remain without water or power and that more time is needed to restore those services. If your family continues to face challenges caused by this storm, please contact your school’s counselor so they can assist in matching your needs with available resources to aid in your recovery.

Glynn County

After meeting Friday to discuss restoration of utilities and other recovery efforts, Glynn County schools to reopen Monday, "barring any unexpected circumstances."

"We made the decision to open schools on Monday after careful consideration and with recognition of the difficulties residents are facing trying to recover from the storm,” Glynn County Schools Superintendent Virgil Cole said. “We believe that resuming school is an important component in helping the community to begin to return to normal, and are confident that we can open schools safely and provide all of normal services to our students and staff.”

Friday's Brunswick High-Camden football game was moved to 3 p.m. Saturday in Camden County. The Glynn Academy-East Jackson game was cancelled.

GCSS teachers and staff are encouraged to communicate with their supervisor regarding their return to work. District leadership and school principals were to meet in Friday to continue to assess circumstances.

Ware County

All Ware County schools will be reopen Monday. Students will not be required to make up the days lost due to Hurricane Irma, but staff members will be required to make up the missed days to meet their terms of their contracts. All scheduled holidays will remain intact for staff members at this time.

Brantley County

Schools are scheduled to open Monday.

Charlton County

Faculty and staff were to report Friday and school will resume for all students Monday.

Other schools

The Bolles School reopened its campus on Thursday.

Many other private schools follow the public school schedule. Check with your child's school for current information.

Universities, colleges

University of Florida and University of North Florida resumed classes on Thursday.

Florida State University said all campuses are closed until Friday, Sept. 15, due to potential power outages. 

The Jacksonville University will reopen  Monday For updates on activities and other information, please check JU.edu/weather

Due to the extensive recovery efforts throughout northeast Florida, the decision has been made for all Florida State College at Jacksonville campuses and centers to remain closed through Sunday to allow time for our students, faculty and staff to travel back to the area and focus on their recovery and restoration. The College will reopen and classes will resume on Monday at regularly scheduled times. 

The main campus of Florida A&M University was closed through Friday. Any events scheduled to take place on campus for the week were canceled. A campus-wide curfew is in effect from 11 p.m. Sunday until 7 p.m. Monday.  

Nova Southeastern University is working toward re-opening all campuses in Florida and Puerto Rico on Monday.

If you have a school that will be closing because of Hurricane Irma, please fill out the information form HERE.