Lee re-forms as a Tropical Depression

Weak, disorganized system expected to swirl in the mid-Atlantic


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Lee has reformed as a Tropical Depression in the Atlantic. The system originally intensified in the Atlantic and then weakened back into a Tropical Depression last weekend. The remnants from Lee have now become better organized and the intensity has built up to Tropical Depression status. 

Normally Tropical Depressions are designated by number, and only Tropical Storms and up in intensity carry names, but since Lee once was a Tropical Storm, the system retains the name of the former Storm. 

A new low-level Low has formed as a result of developing convection - now a more defined center of circulation is evident and satellite based intensity show 35mph sustained winds. Some intensification is forecasted for the system.  Lee is moving North around 7mph, but is expected to travel in a 360° circle. 

Lee presents no danger to land. 

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