One more warm day then winter slams Jacksonville

Wednesday will be the last warm day for sometime to come

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Beautiful evening in Jacksonville as evening temperatures remain in thee 70s through 7pm and only slow into the 60s thereafter...  There had been coastal sea fog, much of which is offshore, has been slowly trying to move back onshore. Later this evening, fog will redevelop across the area.

Patchy dense fog will be around early on Wednesday morning, but it should not be as widespread or as dense as it was Tuesday morning. Early morning temperatures will be mild, lows will only be around 60°. 

Major Cold Front Blows-in Wednesday Evening

The threat of snow near Atlanta is real for Friday (just flurries), the good news is that ground temperatures are very warm and so no travel issues are expected. For Jacksonville, it's just another indication that we too will see some very chilly temperatures, including a cold rain by Friday.

Don't be fooled as upside-down days are coming

These are days where milder temperatures start the day (during the morning hours) but steady or slowly falling temperatures develop throughout the day, leaving chillier temperatures in the evening. This means that you could wake-up and step outside and believe it's going to be another pleasantly mild day only to be fooled as colder temperatures develop.

Long John Weather?

First freeze possibilities are low as clouds and rain will merge over NEFL and SEGA, giving us a few true winter days. Normal high temperatures are in the upper 60s, by Friday our afternoon highs will likely only be in the upper 40s and there could even be a slight wind chill. By Monday, early morning conditions may give us some patchy morning frost, even near the beaches.

Here's more on the upcoming chilldown.

Sunset 5:26 p.m.
Sunrise 7:10 a.m.
Moonrise 9:00 p,m.

8 p.m. 66°
10 p.m. 64°
12 midnight 64°


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