Calm, dry Thursday evening before another morning of patchy fog

Rain-free skies, warm than average daytime highs continue until Christmas Eve

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Mostly cloudy skies are becoming partly cloudy as we move later into the second half of the day. The cold front that brought us rain overnight is now well to south us, and northeasterly breezes are pushing in. Therefore, we'll stay dry for the rest of the evening into the first have of your holiday weekend. 

Friday: You should expect another morning of patchy fog as temperatures starting out near the 50° mark. Friday should be rain-free with afternoon highs in the low to mid 70s under mostly sunny skies. Northeasterly winds will be on the calm side. 

Weekend: Saturday mostly sunny skies will give way to high temperatures in mid-to-upper 70s as winds start pushing in out the south. Southerly breezes will likely reach the teens on Saturday ahead of an approaching weather-maker. Yes, the warmth won't last. Christmas Eve will be out transition days as a round of showers move through Sunday afternoon through early Christmas morning. Sunday's high will peak out in the upper-70s despite the rain. 

Christmas Day: The front that brings showers on Christmas Eve may drift into Monday.  That front will also we'll suppress our daytime highs which will likely struggle to reach the low-60s, however, mostly sunny skies are expected along with dry conditions.