Looking back at the deadliest tornado outbreak in southern Georgia

One year ago Camden tornado rips across 16 miles

There were 80 tornadoes between Jan. 21-23 resulting in more than an average July.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Today marks one year since of a series of destructive storms resulting in southern Georgia's worst tornado outbreak. 42 tornadoes blew across Georgia including the January 22, 2017 EF1 Tornado that traveled 16.5 miles right through Camden County. 

The tornado track was so long its damage path indicated a touchdown near Folkston and route to Sea Island Georgia.

Others developed in Florida. Two to the south of Jacksonville, one began in Clay County and traveled into St. Johns County (near the World Golf Village) and another tornado that traveled across the entire state of Florida, from the Gulf Coast to Palm Coast (Flagler County).

What makes this the 2nd deadliest January outbreak in U.S. History were the fatal tornadoes that preceded the line that ripped across the First Coast. 

A total of 81 tornadoes ripped across the southeast from Louisiana to Florida killing a total of 20 people. A record was set in Georgia with 42 confirmed tornadoes. An EF3 tornado twisted on the ground over an hour as it ravaged Albany, Georgia on a nearly 71-mile path. 







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