Does January seem extra cold to you?

Weather records show it was.

January is much colder than Jacksonville's average of 53.9.
January is much colder than Jacksonville's average of 53.9.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – January has seen large weekly swings from freezing temperatures to above normal warmth but colder days are outnumbering the warm ones and it shows.

Climatology records put this month in perspective and it  finished 2.6 degrees below the 30 year average. Looking at the last 100 years this January is the coldest in 21 years when one combines the highs and lows for a 50.5º average.

Total number of freezes were 12 in the month.

Below average days have outnumbered warm ones 20 to 10 helping to skew the average lower.

The most recent January colder than this was 2014 (49.2º) followed by 2011 and 2010.

We are far from the coldest January in Jacksonville in 1977 and averaged 44º.

Although last year we had no freezes in February, it is certainly not the end of the cold heading into February. Freezes typically last through the end of March and rarely into early April.

After Jacksonville's 2nd warmest year on record in 2017 we'll see if the chilly winter can stall the overall warming trend.



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