High pollen count increases as first full April weekend nears

Allergy sufferers prepare for rising pollen counts


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – While we continue to the back-and-forth swings in our day-to-day weather patterns, the infamous pollen remains relentless. Today's pollen count for Jacksonville is at 10.1 - placing it in the high category which means allergy sufferers are the greatest risks for being impacted by any or all of the top allergens. 

Currently the main allergens are oak, juniper and bay berry. 

More specifically, Pollen.com defines the pollen count as the measurement of the number of grains of pollen in a cubic meter of air. 

It's based on 0-12 point scale. When count numbers are on the lower end of the scale it suggests that fewer individuals are affected, therefore, the higher numbers on the scale means more suffers are impacted increasing increase in their allergic reaction.

Warm and dry conditions are breeding grounds for pollen, so our rainy and cold days actually help alleviate outdoor allergy problems. Furthermore, the "pollen problem" tends to be more seasonal than not, as spring typically yields the highest pollen levels as plants, grasses, and trees are flowering, particularly in the early mornings. Windy conditions don't help either.

Friday will bring another day of high pollen counts. The first part of the weekend doesn't offer much relief, but expect counts to drop Sunday and Monday as rain and storms pass through our area. Count on that relief being short-lived.