Forecast for Redfish Roundup

Saturday's fishing forecast looks good early

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The weather forecast for the 2018 Safe Harbor Boys Home Redfish Roundup on Saturday April 7th looks good early in the day. The chances for a shower Saturday afternoon has increased, but the day still looks quite fishable. On a less desirable note, the winds will get challenging during the afternoon hours out of the Southwest

Tournament Day

Fishing begins on Saturday at 7:00a.m. in the mid 60s. Winds will be out of the South between 7-10 mph. Expect 74% sky cover and a 4% chance for a shower at this hour. 

By 10:00a.m. temperatures will have climbed into the mid 70s despite the sky cover building to 78% at this point. Winds will be out of the Southwest around 10 mph. Chances for showers are building up to 9% at this time. 

At 1:00p.m. temperatures will be flirting with the low 80s with near 80% sky cover. Southwest winds will be in the 15-20 mph range for a few hours. Chances for rain are up to a 17% chance for a passing, isolated shower. 

At 3:30p.m. the check in line closes and temperatures will be in the low 80s under 83% sky cover. Chances for a line of fast moving showers to push through jump up to 30% at this time.

The awards kick off at 5:00p.m. and temperatures will be cooling down through the 70s at that point. A weak cold front will slide through our area Saturday evening, prompting a 60% chance for a round or two of fast moving showers and isolated strong thunderstorms, especially after 7:00p.m.

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