Floating hurricane debris months after Irma

St. Johns River boaters use caution

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We are less than a month from hurricane season and large pieces of Hurricane Irma debris still pose a danger to boaters in the St. Johns River.

Floating sections of docks and fragments of bulkheads remain a hazard to navigation as the boating season picks up heading into June.

Repair barges next to dock remnants are common reminders of Hurricane Irma's impact when the water swelled five and a half feet up the river banks.

Swollen water levels pushed boats into structures or submerged vessels. 

Jacksonville’s waterways coordinator, Capt. Jim Suber, said dozens of abandoned vessels have been removed in Duval. 

Repairs to docks in Jacksonville is in progress with help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to get the repairs done.

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