Spring tides climbing higher this week

Together sun and moon boosting ocean higher

Don't expect flooding on the scale of Irma's like here on the Southbank, but nuisance minor flooding could creep in with the higher tides.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Get ready for some really high tides the next few days which may cause minor tidal flooding along the coast and low-lying riverfront areas.

The perigean spring tide is returning June 13 through the 15th which could cause water to seep out of manholes and sewers close to the river.  

The rise has nothing to do with weather but is related to the astronomical alignment of the moon and sun.

The new moon is Wednesday and it will be closest to earth resulting in higher amplitude tides.  

Fortunately no tropical systems or strong onshore wind events are expected that could further
increase levels of tidal flooding and coastal erosion.

Mayport's tide gauge reaches its flood threshold 1.83 feet above mean high high water and this has happened four times in 2017. Fernandina Beach saw 6 high tide floods in 2017.

Later this summer, during July 12-14, tides will increase leading up to and after the June 21 summer solstice, due to the position of the sun relative to the equator.



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