You can make $5K if you catch this venomous critter while fishing

Lionfish Challenge running statewide


FLORIDA – The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is offering up to $5,000 to catch the venomous lionfish and remove them from Florida waters. 

The statewide Lionfish Challenge runs through Labor Day (Sept. 3, 2018). 

The FWC says to participate one must harvest lionfish and submit photos of the first 25. The photos must be sent to Lionfish@MyFWC.com. Tails can be submitted, after the first 25 caught, to checkpoints located statewide. 

Every participant that submits 25 lionfish, or 25 pounds, will receive a 2018 Lionfish Challenge T-shirt, commemorative coin and entry into the FWC Lionfish Hall of Fame.

Harvesters could also win prizes including shirts or YETI tumblers. Top prize winners could walk away with a GoPro or a cooler. 

To learn more about the challenge, click here

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Posted by MyFWC on Monday, June 18, 2018

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