Soaring temperatures close out the weekend, continue into the work week

Jacksonville's weather forecast is hot and steamy


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Soaring temperatures on Sunday and Monday across the First Coast had people double checking their calendars -its not quite Fall yet, and it certainly doesn't feel close - topping out in the mid 90s this week. The afternoon temperatures have challenged, and in some cases broken the high temperature record for the day.

Jaguars fans struggled to be comfortable at the game on Sunday. Afternoon highs hit 96° and the temperature at the stadium hit 97°. Heat index temperatures were well into the triple digits. 

If you thought the game felt hotter than normal, in wasn't all of those Jaguars touchdowns going to your head. Sunday's game was the hottest game played in the the NFL, anywhere, since 2003. It was also the hottest game ever for the Jaguars. Not to make any excuses for the Patriot's performance, but it was the hottest game that Tom Brady has ever played. The heat index temperature at the game topped out at 112°.

Temperatures soared again on Monday, hitting the low to mid 90s by lunchtime, and topping out in the mid 90s. 

Temperatures were hotter than normal overnight, too. Gainesville's low temperature was 81°, which is record breaking for the warmest overnight low on that day. The previous record was from 2004 and was 79°. 

Hot weather can be dangerous, in fact heat is the number one weather related killer. 

Warning signs of heat exhaustion may include:
• Heavy sweating
• Weakness
• Headache/nausea/dizziness

Warning signs of heat stroke may include:
• All symptoms of heat exhaustion, plus:
• Rapid or strong pulse
• Dry, red skin
• Altered mental status

Experts said once your body reaches a certain temperature, you transition from heat exhaustion to heat stroke, and it happens quickly, so early detection and response is critical so you don't get into a life-or-death situation 

If you or someone you know experiences any of the symptoms listed above immediately call 911, try to cool yourself, or the affected person down and wait for help.

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