Jacksonville businesses bringing supplies to Florence victims

Supplies will be delivered to military families at Camp Lejeune

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Jacksonville business leaders are sending help to families affected by Hurricane Florence. Many residents are still without power and getting low on water and food as rescue crews make their way across the Carolinas.

Veteran-owned BattleBorn Kustoms and Topac Enterprises are driving supplies from Jacksonville, Florida, to Jacksonville, North Carolina.

"Jacksonville to Jacksonville, that's what we're doing," said CEO Onur Topac.

He said he knows exactly what some people in North Carolina are going through. He rode out Hurricane Mathew and Irma, two major storms in two years.

"First year, I had a pregnant wife and I couldn't leave, second year, I had a pregnant wife and a newborn and I couldn't leave. Even with all the resources on earth, sometimes people cannot leave," Topac said. "We realized a lot of people are suffering because it's a huge military community up there. "

Topac partnered with Battleborn Kustoms to deliver supplies, but his truck was too small, so he bought an 8-ton dump truck to deliver things like water, baby supplies and pet food.

"If we can relieve a little stress and give back, and make things a little easier to get through it, that's what we're going to do," said BattleBorn Kustoms owner David Olcott.

"A bunch of retired Marines will help us with an organized distribution of donations," said Topac.

Topac, who served in the Marine Corps, will be traveling to Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, North Carolina, to help the families, whose spouses are deployed, receive much-needed supplies.

Anyone wanting to make donations can call 904-314-0473. 

The items needed are below:

  • Water
  • Baby wipes
  • Pet food
  • Canned goods
  • Non-perishable protein goods
  • First- aid supplies
  • Cookers