Warm weather stretches through most of October so far

Jacksonville's summer weather stretches well into Fall this year

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Record breaking heat has defined October this year for Northeastern Florida and Southeastern Georgia. If we include this afternoon, we will see 4 days this month where temperatures exceeded 90°. 

We are running 5.6° above average temperature for us for this time of the year. The monthly average high so far is 87.5° and the average low temperature this month is 68.8°. Our average temperature overall this month is 78.2°. 

The coolest afternoons so far this month were Oct 9th & Oct 12th, where we only topped out at 84°. The most popular afternoon high this month has been 87°, topping out there on Oct 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 8th. 

We saw record breaking warmth three days so far. On Monday, Oct 15th we hit 91° which broke the previous record for that day of 90° which was set in 1990.

On Tuesday Oct 16th we hit 93° breaking the record of 92° set last year in 2017.  The 16th also was record breaking this year, it is now the hottest day in Jacksonville this late in the calendar year. The prior latest date that the high temperature reached 93° was October 10th, 2009. 

Today we hit 94°, breaking our previous high temperature record for today that was 91°, set in 1989. We broke a second record with today's 94° making this the hottest that it has ever been in Jacksonville this late in the year. The prior latest date where the high reached 94° was October 9th in 1941. The avg last day of a 94° high is August 29th. 

This year so far we hit 90° or more on 89 days, which is 19.5% above average for us, we normally see 82 days at 90° or above. 

The hunt for Fall in October becomes less elusive starting on Thursday as the winds of change begin to blow. Gusty northeasterly winds will bring clouds and a few scattered showers onshore along with capping our high temperatures into the upper 70s.  Friday and Saturday will top out in the upper 70s and low 80s before a blast of fall weather clears us out and cools us down Sunday. Sunday, Monday and Tuesday we will only warm into the mid to upper 70s.