It should be cool, dry for Georgia-Florida game

End of week rain should clear by Saturday


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Heavy rain should not spoil the iconic Georgia Florida weekend as long as the forecast stays on schedule. 

If the timing works out, rain should push away Friday in time for a cooler but drier weekend.

Low pressure will be moving out of the Gulf Thursday and across north Florida Friday morning. 

As people tailgate days ahead of the game in RV City, gusty NE winds could be a problem for flying flags and may bend flimsy awning bracing. 

Westerly winds back down Friday in RV City but it should stay wet into the morning.

Saturday: Starts dry but cooler with lows in the upper 50s and cloudy. Winds may be gusty out of the NW closer to the river. Skies remain mostly cloudy through the afternoon as highs warm into the mid 70s.

Saturday evening: skies turn clear and temperatures will drop quickly after the 6:45 sunset.  You will need a jacket as temperatures dip to 64 at 8 pm and 52 by midnight.


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