What's in the cards?!? Forecast for 11.14.2018

Jacksonville's weather forecast

Our mostly cloudy skies will finally dump rain on us overnight. We are seeing gusty northeasterly winds and misty, light showers along the coastline this afternoon. Temperatures are in the 60s.

As we head to bed this evening, our rain chances will be increasing, the peak time for downpours tonight will be around midnight. Most of the rain exits our area around sunrise, with a few lingering morning showers in Southeastern Georgia. 

Thursday expect mostly cloudy skies. Your chances for showers dip down to 20% after 7am. Winds will be out of the west around 10 mph. The mostly cloudy skies prevail through lunch, then late afternoon and evening clearing is expected. Temperatures will only top out in the mid 60s, and expect rapidly dropping evening temperatures.

The chilliest weather we have seen this season will be Friday morning, when we wake up in the upper 30s. The exception will be the Beaches, kept warmer by the significantly warmer Atlantic Ocean.  Friday will be mostly sunny and chilly, only warming into the low 60s for an afternoon high. 

Saturday starts out around 40° and only warms up to 70° under mostly sunny skies. Sunday starts in the upper 40 and low 50s and warms up to 71° under partly cloudy skies. 

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