Florida January wetter, warmer than normal

We saw 1-3" above normal rainfall for the month

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – After December's widespread above-average rainfall, January featured mixed amounts of precipitation. Much of Florida saw between 1-3 inches above normal while Georgia saw between 1-2 inches below normal.

The rainfall was enough to keep rivers across Georgia and Florida to minor flooding.

Temperatures were fairly uniform area-wide, with all climate sites observing above average temperatures by 1-3 degrees. For Jacksonville and many surrounding areas, the majority of the rain fell on the 24th as a low pressure passed to the south. Jacksonville narrowly missed breaking a daily rainfall record which has stood for over a century. 
January at the airport in Jacksonville


The average temperature for the month of January was 54.9 degrees which is 1.8 degrees above normal for Jacksonville International Airport. The average daily high was 66.4 degrees and the average daily low was 43.4 degrees. The maximum temperature for the month was 83 degrees which occurred on the 1st of the month. The 83 degrees measured on the first set a new daily record for the date, breaking the old record of 81 set in 1967. The low for the month was 30 degrees on the 30th of the month. There were 0 days that reached 90 degrees or higher. There were 3 days that reached 32 degrees or lower. 


There were 10 days of measurable rainfall in January at Jacksonville International Airport. Monthly rainfall totaled 4.37 inches which is 1.07 inches above normal. The greatest 24 hour total 
in January was 2.16 inches on the 24th. There were no daily precipitation records during the month.


The average wind speed for January was 6.7 miles per hour. The peak wind speed was 32 miles per hour on the 20th. The peak wind gust for the month was 38 miles per hour on the 20th. 

There were 324 heating degree days which is 56 days below normal for January. There were 20 cooling degree days which is 9 days above normal.

By the numbers

Climate Records for Jacksonville (JAX) date back to 1871.

January Avg Temp: 54.9 F (+ 1.8 F above normal)
January Avg Dew Point (Td): 45.7 F (Normal is 44.8 F)

***Monthly High Temp was 83 F on January 1st which was a Daily Record
***Monthly Low Temp was 30 F on January 31st

Number of Days with Min Temp <= 32F was 3 days (Normal is 7 days)

January Rainfall: 4.37" (+1.07" above normal) 35th Wettest on record

Greatest 24 hour total: 2.16" on the 24th
***This is the 36th highest 24 hour total all-time for the month

January Number of Thunderstorm Days: 1 day (Normal = 2 days)
January Number of Days with Dense Fog: 3 days (Normal = 5 days)

January Average Wind Speed: 6.7 mph (Normal is 7.0 mph)
Highest Wind Gust was 38 mph from the West on January 20th

Lowest Monthly Sea Level Pressure:  29.63"/1003.4 mb on January 20th
Highest Monthly Sea Level Pressure: 30.48"/1032.2 mb on January 22nd

February outlook

 The temperature outlook for northeast Florida and southeast Georgia indicates between a 40 and 50 percent chance for above average temperatures. The precipitation outlook for northeast Florida and southeast Georgia indicates between a 33 and 40 percent chance of above-average precipitation. 

The average temperature for February is 56.4 degrees. The average max temperature is 68.2 degrees and the average min temperature is 44.7 degrees. Average rainfall for the month of January is 3.19 inches.

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