Warm winter brings out the bugs

Mosquitoes cockroaches could surge in damp mild conditions


JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Mosquitoes and cockroaches are sure to take advantage of the lack of cold this season in Jacksonville.

The mild and moist winter weather makes cockroaches a bigger problem in Florida homes. 

Tampa is one of the top 10 U.S. cities at greatest risk for increased pest pressure from disease carrying cockroaches according to the National Pest Management Association ranking.

Compared to central Florida the climate in north Florida hasn’t been much colder. 

Jacksonville had only 3 freezes so far this winter with warm days outnumbering cold averages 40 to 26.

Jacksonville ranks the 18th warmest since December 1st with an average 68° and the 14th wettest 10.11” rain through February 14th.

Even as the polar vortex unleashed a batch of arctic air across the northeast U.S., Jacksonville’s temperatures so far have been even or above average every day in February.

The cold up north did kill 95% of the stink bug population in the Washington DC area according to Virginia Tech Professor of Entomology Thomas Kuhar.

December through March Jacksonville commonly experiences winter temperatures below 50°F when most insects are in diapause, which is a period of inactivity.

But if you’re wishing for a less buggy spring, realize that overwintering insects have already laid eggs which survive the most intense freezes. 

With such a warm winter you can bet biting mosquitos and cockroaches will be seeking you soon.

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