Warmer than normal temperatures prompt oak pollen bloom a month early

Grass pollen also higher than normal

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We've enjoyed the warmer than normal temperatures this month, but one side effect  has many of us sneezing- pollen. For the month of February so far, we have been 9° warmer than normal in the afternoons and 10° warmer than normal overnight.

The early start to Spring has our trees and grass blooming early, meaning that we are seeing spikes in the level of oak pollen in particular, according to Dr Raquel Watkins of Watkins Allergy and Asthma Clinic. Dr Watkins says she has seen an uptick in the number of patients she is treating suffering from allergies. She reports symptoms of itchy eyes, congestion, and runny noses. 

Dr Watkins also pointed out that grass pollen is elevated for this time of the year as well. We can attribute those warmer than normal overnight temperatures for those levels. 

If you are suffering from allergies, Dr Watkins urges you to reach out to your Doctor or an allergist, saying you do not need to suffer, these symptoms are treatable. Another tip she offered was to shower immediately after you come in from outside to keep from spreading pollen in your home. 

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