Drought targets Florida & Georgia

While floods cause problems elsewhere

Abnormally dry yellow areas cover north Florida with pockets of drought across Georgia and South Carolina in brown.

JACKSONVILLE, Fla – Dry days are here and the next few weeks offer no hope of easing the looming drought potential across north Florida and southern Georgia.

Days of parched conditions have sent Jacksonville into a rainfall deficit running over an inch and a half since the start of the year. 

The panhandle and north Florida have seen abnormally dry conditions for weeks and the problem will get worse before the summer rainy season begins.

Abnormally dry conditions cover 22% of Florida mainly across the northern part of the state causing short-term dryness slowing growth of crops. 

Rain could cause flooding from Texas through the high plains states this weekend missing the southeast.

Any chance of rain will miss the first coast this weekend into next week as a strong jet stream with several embedded storm systems will move into parts of the Great Plains and Midwest.

This pattern does not look to change until the end of May providing warmer temperatures across the Southeast and intensifying soil desiccation.


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