Final day of heatwave, we've only seen one heatwave longer than this one

We've seen ten days of 96°+ afternoon highs

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – We hit 99° at the airport today, making for 10 days in a row of 96° or more afternoon highs and 9 days of 97° or more temperatures for afternoon highs.

We've only seen one heatwave that was longer than this one, back in July of 1875. That year we had a 16 day stretch of days from July 11th until July 26th where afternoon highs hit 97° or more. 

If you consider consecutive days we hit 96° or above, that same heatwave in 1975 beats the most recent heatwave by 11 days. In 1875 we saw a 21 day stretch from July 11th until July 31st where afternoon highs were 96° or more. 

With this heatwave's record we are tied for the second place spot on both aspects. From June 2nd, 1985 until June 11th, 1985 we also saw a ten day stretch of temperatures hitting 96° or more. That same year, 1985, we saw 9 days in a row hitting 97° or more as well, from June 11th through June 19th

This heatwave is the most intense heatwave we have ever seen this early in the summer season.