Dry spell ends; rainy days ahead

Weekend rains to halt Jacksonville potential drought

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JACKSONVILLE, Fla – If you haven’t seen much rain yet just hold on, wetter days will soon replace the dry spell.

The rain is coming just in time to thwart an abnormally dry rut from worsening into a local drought. 

Jacksonville had only two measurable days of rain in the last 31.  Rainfall accumulation has dropped 3.2 inches below normal for the year and lags over 3.3 inches behind this time last year.

Showers and storms have moved through the area the past couple days but the bulk of it managed to miss out the official measuring station at Jacksonville International Airport.

Other parts of the country have been flooded with devastating rain including areas around the Mississippi River and Midwest.

Now the pattern that blocked all that rain is shifting it eastward. Flash flooding will target much of the South into the weekend as tropical moisture streams out of the Gulf.

Already some spots in southern Louisiana picked up over 11 inches of rain already by Thursday morning. 

The upcoming wet pattern will last into next week which is good news for Florida and parts of drought stretches from Georgia and Alabama to eastern North Carolina.

Gainesville, FL has been hotter and drier than Jacksonville having picked up less than 1" of rain over the past 30 days, one of their driest periods on record.

Later into the month of June, seabreeze-generated thunderstorms and summer humidity typically ends May and early June dry spells.

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