Weekend heat wave heading towards Jacksonville

Different from the heat earlier this month this will be a steamy heatwave


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Late May ended and the beginning of June started with the second hottest 11 day heat streak in Jacksonville's history. We averaged 98° over those 11 days, whew!

The only reason it didn't feel all that hot was the lack of humidity. It was a "dry heat". 

Not this time. 

A new area of hot high pressure is expected to develop and then park itself over Jacksonville starting this weekend and it could last, and last and... last.

This time the humidity will be much higher, which means our feel-like temperatures will easily top out each afternoon above 100°. 

Many days will actually see feel-like highs top out above 105°F.



There could be a few days with Heat Advisories issued for parts of South Georgia and North Florida. The criteria for a Heat Advisory will be for afternoon feel-like highs above 105°. There is even a chance we will have a Excessive Heat Warning for coastal areas in Georgia this Sunday.

We will update this throughout the week, let's hope the forecast models fade the hot high pressure.


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