Tree falls on pet funeral home van during storm

Owner glad the damage wasn't worse

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Cleanup continued Thursday following powerful storms that rolled through the Jacksonville area a day prior, leaving damage and debris.

The owner of Jacksonville Pet Funeral Home, Cremation Center and Memorial Park is thankful a tree landed on his company van, instead of a nearby memorial for local police and military dogs.

The van was smashed down the middle after a powerful storm swept through the Spring Park area Wednesday and caused a tree to fall on it.

“It just curled, curled that door down and took the frame off this vehicle and just crushed it," said Jimmy Huey, the funeral home owner.

Though it’s a setback, Huey said he’s thankful the tree didn’t land just feet away -- on a special K-9 memorial for police and military dogs in our area, many who died in the line of duty.

“This would’ve hurt me more because emotionally, because every one of these K-9shas a story behind it, behind them,” Huey said. “That van has no story, no meaning. This is a lot more meaningful.”

Huey filed an insurance claim but said it may take a few days to learn what’s next because it happened right before a holiday.

Huey said he’s just thankful his K-9 memorial is OK and that no one was hurt.