Data is in from first weekend of snapper mini season

73% of snapper that were caught and reported were kept


JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The South Atlantic Fisheries Management Council thanks all who reported through MyFishCount during the first weekend of the 2019 red snapper mini-season. The reports helped them gather more information and insight for future decisions on snapper seasons. Below is a summary of some of the preliminary data for the first red snapper weekend with information through July 14, 2019.An updated report from the second opening (July 19 and 20) and any additional trips completed will be sent at a later time. 

Initial fishing reports

  • 68% of fish reported were red snapper
  • Largest red snapper was 38 inches and weighed 28 lbs.
  • Smallest red snapper was 8 inches
  • Other fish reported include: lesser amberjack, gag grouper, king mackerel, and bank sea bass.

Black sea bass was the next highest reported catch rate that weekend, with 12% of the total catches being that species. 

Of the red snapper that were caught and reported to the MyFishCount app, 73% of those snapper were kept, and 27% of them were released. 

Lengths and weights of the red snapper caught were consistent with the previous  stock assessment in 2017. 

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